Become a Certified Positive Education Trainer


Our NEW Train the Trainer certifications offer three levels of certification.

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Level 1


Level 1 offers Positive Education Certified (PEC) practitioners a deeper training in the key elements of Positive Education: mindset, resilience and character strengths. Trainers will learn to facilitate 4 half-day training experiences (with bonus 1-hour and 2-hour versions) for teachers and staff and begin to activate a whole-school Positive Education philosophy.

*Prerequisite: PEC

Level 2


Level 2 is designed for those Positive Educators looking to help regional schools and organizations by planning and executing the PEC Program. Practitioners will be licensed to provide in-person training to teachers, along with use of the curriculum and supporting materials. Practitioners will become part of the Center for Positive Education team on our website and be supported in the successful implementation of PEC in their districts.

*Prerequisite: PEC, CAPP & PECT 1

Level 3


Level 3 Certified Positive Education Training launches in 2021. Specifically designed for leaders driving wellbeing education for an Institution or School District, practitioners are trained in whole-school implementation of Positive Education including policy, code of conduct, inclusion, extracurricular planning and curriculum development.

*By application only

What you get with this certification:


Live online or in-person training with positive psychology experts.


250+ teaching animations, worksheets, lesson plans, and games.


Collaborate with dedicated educators in a fun learning environment.

Be a Champion of Positive Education

Train the trainer modules bring more wellbeing science to your community.

Extend Your Learning - PECsters wanted more - this is it!



Upon completion of Level 1 trainers will have 3 versions (1-hr, 2-hr and 4-hr) of 4 modules designed to enable PECTsters to share Positive Psychology, Resilience, Mindset and Character Strengths with their colleagues.

Self-paced modules available by application

The PECT Level 1 training was a phenomenal experience. Our group of like-minded professionals very quickly came together as a collaborative support network for one another. The course walked us through four experiential workshops, each a foundational piece of positive psychology. Educators will come away with key well-being skills to embed within their classroom, as well as their personal life. The applications for this information is immeasurable. Thank you, Emiliya, Renee, and Tamara for a wonderful and truly valuable experience.

Sandy Brower, M. Ed., CAPP, PEC, CB3RT Positive Psychology Practitioner

After finishing the PEC program, I was pleased to see the PECT classes. I really wanted to be able to share what I had learned with parents and staff and I now have an important and practical toolbox to give 4 different workshops (of 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours). This is so important for our community, particularly now. Thanks to the Center for offering this new course!


Valerie Kyllmann

Elementary Principal

PECT Level 1 equipped me with an abundance of knowledge, resources, and skills that increased my confidence and motivation to pursue positive education. But, most importantly, PECT welcomed me into a community of changemakers and kindled connections that will last far beyond the time we spent together in training.


Lena Schreyer

Positive Education Practitioner

Level 1 Module-by-Module Breakdown


Level 2 trainers will be able to PEC certify educators creating a ripple effect. Email us for details.



The PECT Level 1 & Level 2 programs meet online, via Zoom or in person.  Participants will complete assigned pre-reading as preparation.

Level 1 participants will gain access to 12 presentations and accompanying materials to support them in uniquely bringing Positive Education into their school.

Level 2 participants will become listed trainers on our website and be given all materials required to hold live PEC training courses in their region. Schedule a call to learn more.

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