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Positive Education Certification

The Positive Education Certification (PEC Program™) is a 64-hour training program consisting of 32 live hours, pre-recorded online learning and ready to plug and play tools.

Drawing on the tenets of wellbeing science including Positive Psychology, Positive Education, Neuroscience and Integrative Health, students are equipped to build positive emotions, willpower, grit, emotional regulation, resilience, mindfulness, growth mindsets and strengths in the K-12 classroom.

Learn to create learning environments that foster belonging, engagement, kindness and vitality.

And most importantly, Certified Positive Educators will build their own toolkit of self-care strategies within a fun and supportive community from all over the world.


What you get with this certification:


Live online or in-person training with positive psychology experts.


250+ teaching animations, worksheets, lesson plans, and games.


Collaborate with dedicated educators in a fun learning environment.

Bring the Power of Positive Psychology Into Your Classroom

The next cohort starts July 2nd. 

Educators today are faced with unprecedented access to information about happiness, wellbeing and life satisfaction. Not only is it important for you to be happier, more resilient, empowered, motivated and successful, but it's also more and more critical that your students learn these skills too.

Positive Education uses wellbeing science to encourage, enable and enhance skills of resilience and wellbeing. We'll equip you with a foundation in positive psychology science and enable you to instantly apply the knowledge in the classroom. Like SEL and Character Education, Positive Education prioritizes the so-called "soft-skills" (relationship building, self-compassion, growth mindset) but unlike many programs offered to schools, the focus is whole-school- from teachers & students to parents and the greater community.

The PEC Program will empower you with the tools for building greater positive emotions, engagement, flourishing relationships, greater meaning and purpose, accomplishment and vitality.


The PEC Program meets online, via Zoom. Participants will complete weekly "quests" to deepen their learning which will support them in uniquely bringing Positive Education into their school.

Online classes are held for two hours, once per week for a total of sixteen weeks, or twice per week for a total of eight weeks. In-person training happens over five consecutive days. In order to earn the certificate, participants must attend at least 60% of the live weekly online classes.

A Module-by-Module Breakdown


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June 4th 12pm EDT

 Enrollment is open for our 2024 Cohorts!     

Payment plans available in 3 monthly transactions.

PEC.42 Online 6-week Summer Course

July 2nd to August 8th 2024
 Tues + Thurs 12-3pm EDT
Pay in Full: $1800
Payment plan: $2100


All prices in USD

PEC.44 Online Fall  Morning Course

Oct 9th, 2024 to Feb  5th, 2025 


8:00am-10:00am EDT/EST

$1500 or Payment Plan: $1800 until Sept 18th, 2024

Regular $1800/$2100

All prices in USD

PEC.45 Online Fall Afternoon Course

Oct 9th, 2024 to Feb  5th, 2025 


12:00pm-2:00pm EDT/EST

$1500 or Payment Plan: $1800 until Sept 18th, 2024

Regular $1800/$2100

All prices in USD

If you want to join a future cohort, join the waitlist.

Note: Due to COVID-19 all "in-person" classes will also have an online option.